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Target Audience Solutions, is an advanced way to reach a customized audience, targeted by behavior and pinpoint accuracy at the state, DMA, city, zip code or even street level. Your message will seen not only on your website but on thousands of websites that your customers visit while they are on the internet. Targeted Display is putting your ad in front of a customized audience using the following strategies: Site Retargeting, Search Targeting, Contextual Targeting and Geo-Fencing.

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98% of your site visitors will leave without converting. Here is your chance to re-engage those consumers with a completely new level of performance and insight. We will retarget your visitors and serve your message to them as they visit other sites based on their growing history. Increased brand exposure - an extremely effective way of converting site visitors into purchasers.

Computer technology, mobility and commun

Over 60,000 households are moving to CTV every month, and with Over The Top (OTT)  media we'll help you reach your audience no matter what they are viewing. With C&G Media we can serve your ads on internet-enabled televisions to consumers watching sports, news or while they watching their favorite TV shows.

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The Ultimate





The ultimate way to reach potential customers and we own all of the above. Creating the right mix and knowing what will work for your brand is the secret. Thats what we do!



Location-based marketing is an  opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers specific to areas they visit. Visiting your competitors?- let them know instantly why they should buy from you. When they go to an event and you can't be there make sure they see your advertisement while they are there. 


Programmatic video is more cost effective than TV and has a higher response rate. Using multiple demographics and behavior tracking we put your brand in front of the right audience to ensure your success. Complete transparent reporting on means we can tell why your video is successful and make it more so!



Consumers interact 60% more with native ads than they do with banner ads. Over 63% of mobile display ads will be native in 2021. We use your brand's most compelling visual content and make it like the content on a given website. Your native content will look as if it is sourced from the site. This makes a seamless, uninterrupted experience for the consumer and they will click on your ad to find out more.

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Connect with potential customers by showing relevant ads to users as they browse content related to their interests. Users will only see ads they are interested in based on keywords, saving valuable impressions for the right potential customer.

A concept of Searching Engine Optimizing

Connect with more searchers more often and more effectively with our industry leading keyword-level search retargeting. Search retargeting gives advertisers the ability to target potential customers with display ads based on searches they perform across the web.

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